Planetary Gearbox dc Drum Motor Reduction Automatic Gear Boxes Transmission

Planetary Gearbox dc Drum Motor Reduction Automatic Gear Boxes Transmission

Features of Products

1、Highly Standard Modular Designed: The products

are connected with and driven by different types of

motors or other kinds of input power .The same type

geared motor can be adapted to optioned powers of

motors. It is therefore easy to realize different

solutions for varied requirements.

Gear Box

2、Ratio: Featured many closely divided ratios and

wide ranges of them. Very big final ratios can be

obtained through combined unites to reach

extremely low output speeds.

Reducer Gear Box

3、Mounting Arrangement: No strict limitation to the

mounting arrangement.

4、High Strength, Compact Dimension: Housings are

made of high strength cast iron. Gears and shaft

gears are finished with gas carburising process and

precise grounding to sequentially get high loading

capacity of per certain volume.

5、Long Service Life: Under the conditions of accurately

selecting type size and the normal maintenance and

use, main components ( except those easily-disabled

parts ) can last as long as up to more than 25,000

hours. Easily-disabled parts include lubricating oil,

oil seals, and bearings.

6、Low Noise: All key components are finished by

precisely machining, accurate assembly, and finally

tested, and therefore, fairly low noise is reached.

7、Highly Efficiency: The efficiency of gear unit is more

than 95%, The efficiency of worm gear unit can reach


8、Large Radial Loading Ability.

Site Conditions

The geared motors are suitable for the operation

sites in the ambient temperatures from -10℃ to 40℃

and altitudes up to 1000m above sea lever.

They can be used both for clockwise running and

anticlockwise running.

There is no limitation to specific application field.

While applied in other aggressive operating

atmosphere or environment conditions, please contact

our technology department.