large output sawdust vibration swinging rotary sieve machine wood chip rotary drum screen

The serial chip screen is a special device for wood handing line, mainly used for sorting chips with different size during the chips production process in the paper-making, shaving board, MDF etc industry Its sorting specification could be realized through changing different diameter of meshes. The capacity is 60-380 m³/h The user can choose suitable model according to their need.

Vibratory frequency 200 rpm
Vibratory margin 20-30 mm
Qty of level 3 level
Diameter of hole(upper) 60 mm
Diameter of hole(middle) 6 mm
Sifting area 10 ㎡
Capacity 150-200 m³/h
Motor power 11 kw
Overall dimensions L5900 x W3342 x H 2380 mm