Secondhand MDF Production Line


2004 PB 8feet 22.3m single opening line

1. Start production year:2004

2. Stop year: 2015

3. Main line brand: METSO

4. Production capacity: 120000-150000cbm/year

5. Single opening press width and length: 8feet*22. 3meter

6. Board: PB

7. Flaker : 4sets*BX4612/5 2Foma+1Datang+1Pallman

8. Sanding: Stenneman 2+4 8feet

9. Chipper: 1 set BX2110 FOMA+ 1set BX2113/11 Datang

10. Screen: Pal+Mesto 11. Glue applying system: IMAL

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  1. 2022-07-13

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